Avoid These 7 Negative Attitudes As An Entrepreneur


Avoid These 7 Negative Attitudes As An EntrepreneurSuccess is all about attitude, there’s no denying it. The attitude you have toward opportunities, toward struggles, towards life… It’s involved during the process of making your life filled with happiness and success. So it’s not surprising that there are multiple negative attitudes people have acquired towards success over the years, mostly because they haven’t yet succeeded.

Is your attitude towards success a positive one?

These bad and negative attitudes that I’m talking about, develop within many different aspects of success. Some people develop bad attitudes over time because they haven’t gotten to the position they want to be in yet in life, and it seems out of their grasp.

But on the other side of the fence, there are those that have become very successful in life, but it’s gotten to their head and they attitude has shifted over time from good to bad. And that’s not good, definitely not in the long run.

Here are 7 negative attitudes to avoid if you want to be successful.


Greed is one of those negative attitudes people have normally after they become relatively successful. The money and power goes to their head, which eventually leads to them chasing more of it and completely disregarding their original goals. It’s happens all the time in business, and more often than not they end up destroying themselves because of it.

Sure, you can naturally be greedy, a lot of people are. That’s why you’ll see thousands of people every year start businesses with nothing but dollar signs in their eyes. They want the money, they want the power, but they have no passion for helping others. So greed is definitely a negative attitude people have potentially both before and after achieving success in their lives.

The first two goals people have involve money and power. What’s your third goal? Forget the first two and focus on that one.


Don’t get me wrong here, confidence is very important in absolutely everything you do. Confidence can be the key to success, but over-confidence? That can be a detriment.

Having an over-confident attitude can leave people open to weak points in themselves and their business, that they haven’t even considered as being weak yet. If you’re overly-confident in that your business or your knowledge is perfect, you’re unable to work on your own weaknesses and areas where you can improve (There will be at least one area always).

It’s important to still consider areas where you can improve, and always be improving, rather than neglect it because you think you’ve already covered it completely. No matter what it may be, every little detail pushes you one step closer to success.


I should have mentioned in the intro that some of these attitudes can actually bring positive outcomes in certain circumstances. 90% of the time people just won’t use those mental attitudes for their advantages, unfortunately. When you think about it, impatience can be just as good a mindset as patience can be.

When you’re naturally impatient, you have a tendency to get things done far more quickly than anybody else would. The only downside is that without self-control we can often then turn this into a huge disadvantage for ourselves because we skimp on quality just to tick things off as being complete.

The other downside of impatience is that people who have this ‘quality’, are the people who tend to go flat out at work for the first month or two, and then give up on the third.

Can you relate to this? So can I. That’s why impatience needs to be kept an eye on.

Being Stubborn

I mentioned impatience as being both a positive and negative attitude people have towards success, and in many ways, stubbornness is very similar. Starting with the less focused on, yet positive attitude, stubbornness means people are harder to crack when others try to tell them things can’t be done. They won’t have any of it.

If you’re a stubborn person, as I can definitely be at times, then you’ll know that once you’re set on doing something you’ll do it. It doesn’t matter who tells you it’s impossible, that it can’t be done, you still believe it can be.

The downside, being that stubborn people are far less likely to take others’ advice, or even want other people’s help. It also has the potential to leave people narrow minded and unable to see past what they may be focusing on, which in itself can be both an advantage and disadvantage.

It perhaps gives people greater focus, but less visibility on any opportunities that may present themselves.

Being Lazy

I see laziness featured a lot in success and self-development blogs, why wouldn’t it be? Laziness allows ideas to remain ideas and never turn into actions. Being lazy takes no effort; literally none at all. That’s why it’s easy to be lazy and why so many people naturally are.

Although, if you ever want to get anywhere near what you’d call success in life, then laziness is the first negative attitude to sort out, above all others. Success takes hard work and you’re probably not that hard working if you think you’re lazy.

Why do you think 20% of all the self-development and success articles you read address laziness?

Because it’s something you probably need to address too!


You’ll notice, that up until now none of the attitudes listed really serve as a mental block for people not being able or not wanting to move in the direction of success.

That’s where disbelief comes in. What with only a small percentage of people in the world becoming abnormally successful, and a large percentage that put in a lot of effort and still don’t make it, it can be difficult to actually believe that you can do it.

The important thing to remember is that some of the most successful people in the world came from backgrounds where most people thought it could never be done, until they had the believe to find out for themselves. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic example, coming from a small village in Austria, becoming a world champion bodybuilder was almost deemed out of the question.

Even then, he went on to star in world famous movies against all odds and people’s opinions, and then even further to become the governor of California. Schwarzenegger was only the second foreign person in history to become governor.

Have the belief, that anything is possible.


Ignorance, laziness and stubbornness are all negative attitudes people have that link together closely. If you’re lazy, you’ll be ignorant. If you’re stubborn, you’ll be ignorant.

The ignorance people sometimes have towards achieving success, is costly. When it comes to success, you can’t ignore anything. All options have to be considered and every stage of any process has to be carried out. Some people don’t plan much, because they don’t think it’s necessary and so they ignore it, which leaves them open to potential questions and scenarios that they’re unable to answer and navigate their way through.

And just like stubbornness, we might sometimes ignore people and the ideas they have for us, because we think we know better. Which is unfortunate, because like-minded people are your greatest aids in climbing up the ladder of success. They can help you step up your game.

These are all negative attitudes people have towards success, and it can hinder progression toward their goals. Shortly, we’ll be posting an article on all the good attitudes that people can have towards success, as well as the bad ones listed above. Which attitude do you have?

Do you agree with this list? Are there any attitudes you think should be added?



9 Ways An Entrepreneur Is Successful


9 Ways An Entrepreneur Is SuccessfulVisionaries, dreamers and creatives turn to entrepreneurship to get their idea off the ground. Even though entrepreneurship has been around for centuries, today’s cultural obsession seems to be joining the startup world and creating ‘the next big thing.’ Yet, not everyone is cut out to become the successful one.

Before you jump into the startup market, take a step back and double check what makes you successful. There are multiple variables that will determine your success or failure — and an overlooked variable is the founder’s personality. Throughout time, skilled workers who used to be assets are now liabilities, simply because their mindset and personality is not suited for the entrepreneuer world.

Here are 9 ways an entrepreneur is successful.


A Visionary encourages others, suggests new ideas, and inspires the entire team. The ability to think outside-the-box is one of their most distinguishable characteristics. Even when the visionary brings in the big ideas, they also have to communicate the important information to the others. In addition to the founders and executives, employees should also be able to visualize the future of the business. It’s necessary to have multiple visionaries scattered throughout the business so when one dreamer burns out of ideas, another visionary picks up the slack and keeps trying to take the business to the next level.

Tip: Don’t sacrifice your own goals while fulfilling others dreams.


After a dream is shared by the visionary, that dream is taken by the follow-through, and they run with it. The best managers have the follow-through mentality so they can stay on task without being carried away with multiple ideas by providing structure and order. Even though multiple visions are useful, teams need to work on tangible tasks to help achieve their dream. The follow-through sets the goals, outlines each role, and makes sure every team member understands their work on the project. As a result. team members feel more comfortable when they can bring in new ideas to the follow-through for an honest review. This manager is trustworthy, humble and gives credit to those who deserve it.

Tip: your own goals shouldn’t be sacrificed while making everyone else’s dreams come true.

Mind Reader

The person who can anticipate the next move while looking at the big picture is the mind reader. They are self-motivated, requiring minimal directions to do their job. Some of the mind reader’s specialties are invention, innovation, and intuition.

Tip: Respect boundaries. Don’t overstep and take credit for what you haven’t earned.

Been There, Done That

The most common excuse for half of all failed startups is the market need becoming non-existent for their idea. The ones who fill that market need to become the best company in their respective industry. People with real-world experience are needed to fill this hole. The been there, done that has that experience. At one point, they have had the same problem as the company has now. With their knowledge from the streets and hands-on experience, the company can trust them to help them fix their problem. They are willing to speak up about past challenges. They are also humble, transparent, and eager to bring success to the company.

Tip: Don’t let your previous experience lead you to become an egotistical know-it-all.

Morale Booster

Burn-outs are very common as a startup and entrepreneur. The person responsible for keeping burn-outs from happening is the morale booster. The morale is kept high by the morale booster when the deadline is fast approaching and stress is at an all-time high. When the deadline is fast approaching, team members start to tune out the rest of the world. This is perfect for short-term work, but this focused intensity can become a negative in the future. Connections to other team members can be broken, but the morale booster keeps those connections in tact. The team collaboration needs to be balanced with individual contributions, and the morale booster helps ensure this.

Tip: Avoid being the cheerleader at inappropriate times. This can distract your teammates.

Busy Bee

There’s a busy bee inside all of us, but some have this personality trait more than others. The productivity of The Worker Bee is astounding; they get more tasks done in one hour that would take most people an entire day. The Worker Bee is a humble servant, helping out wherever the help is located. Instead of complaining about the task “not being a part of their job description,” they just do the task at hand.

Tip: Be careful to not get burned out.


The go-getter is full of energy, passion, and enthusiasm. They are also self-motivated and zealous contributors to the company. Their confidence is high; it’s as if they know they will succeed no matter what. Once they make a decision, they don’t look back or get discouraged easily when their decision doesn’t go as planned.

Tip: Be careful to not go so fast that you run over your other teammates.


The Caregiver, as the name implies, takes care of everyone. The needs of the company and the customers come first, making them the ultimate team player. Coming into the office early and staying late is their motto. They’re always looking for ways the company can create a better experience for employees, employers, and consumers.

Tip: Don’t have unrealistic expectations for the company. Don’t assume your priorities matches everyone else’s priorities.


The one characteristic not to be left off this list is perseverance. At the start of any startup, the mountain seems so high to climb, and the road to the top becomes bumpy and wild. That’s normal; no matter the idea, there are challenges on the road to success. How the company responds to the challenges will determine who will stay as an asset and who will become a liability. The determined one digs deep, keeps going, and perseveres through tough bumps in the road. This attitude pulls everyone else along for the ride. To them, quitting is not an option.

Tip: Don’t give in to the negativity of the workplace. Stay strong!

6 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneur Success


getStartedTimeManagementThe concept of time management can be frightening for some people. This is possibly because time is somewhat of an elusive concept; somehow time moves more quickly when people are in a hurry, and time moves too slowly when there is nothing going on. Time management can be straightforward, simply by ushering in the following five tips.

Do the First Things First

Learning to prioritize is something that every business and entrepreneur needs to do. It’s a skill that pays off substantially for the people who take the time to understand it. Not everything needs to be done right now, in this very second. Prioritizing is a skill that takes practice, but it can be done. Every day, look at the things that need to be done today. Really look at each item, and then ask yourself the question, “Is this item top-priority, or could something more urgent come before this?” Before long, prioritization will be a simple process that will require very little contemplation.

Eliminate Time Wasters

What takes your time away your work? Facebook? Twitter? Checking email? Stop checking them so often. One thing you can do is make it hard to check them – remove them from your browser quick links / bookmarks and stuff them in a hard to access bookmarks folder. Replace your browser bookmarks with important work-related sites. While you’ll still check Facebook and Twitter no doubt, you’ll find it’s a lower frequency than before.

Focus on One Task

Is multi-tasking causing you to not getting anything done? If so, focus on just one key task at one time. Close off all the applications you aren’t using. Close off the tabs in your browser that are taking away your attention. Focus solely on what you’re doing. You’ll be more efficient that way.

Inject Personal Time

Time management isn’t only about doing more work in less time, although more work in less time is definitely a goal that is worth striving for. It’s good for a business professional to ask themself what is important. The time is coming to an end where people simply work their lives away, just to find themselves old and regretting that they never spent time on the things they loved in their lives. Now is the time to create a balance of work and play. Now is the time when personal needs, as well as business needs, have to take priority. Inject personal time into your workday and notice how it can be completely revitalizing.

Use a Better Calendar

Every businessperson needs to be using an effective, well-organized, calendar device of some kind. There are numerous applications that can be used on handheld devices that have alerts and notices. Two I recommend and also recommended by CNET are Google Calendar and Sunrise Calendar. These can be really handy, and they can help speed up the amount of time it takes to schedule appointments and make changes to the calendar.

Know that There is Only So Much Time in a Day

Being stressed about time is not fun for anyone. Running here and there without stopping to think about what’s actually important is a trap that many business people fall into. Relax with the understanding that not everything can be done today, and it won’t all get done today. Accomplishing tasks can be done more efficiently and it’s a worthy goal to strive for, but it’s equally true that every person can stop and take a deep breath and remember that there really is only so much time in one day.

Prioritization and balance are integral to time management success. Enjoying each moment while striving to be more efficient will create a more productive workday.

4 Ways Webinars Can Benefit Your Business


4 Ways Webinars Can Benefit Your Business

Webinars are a great tool that businesses can use to build trust with potential clients or customers. Whether it is a business making use of a work at home office or not, this revenue-generating tool can be a valuable component to any business’s marketing plan. The webinars can be hosted for free, and this will save money that business owners will be able to spend elsewhere.

Lead Generation Is an Important Attribute

Creating a webinar is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for a business. The webinars should be relevant to the target market. For example, a business that specializes in selling honey may choose to host a webinar about the ways that bees produce honey. This can help the business to become more credible as an established leader in its field. By educating the public about the various components of the business, they will begin to trust the company, and look to it for purchases.

Launching New Products Becomes Easy

When a business is ready to launch a new product, a webinar can be one of the most efficient ways to ensure that the product is being introduced to the public in the best possible way. This includes ensuring that the product is described in a positive light. When the public is educated about the product in a way that is a little more personal (such as a webinar), they will be far more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, this marketing campaign is one of the most affordable ways to introduce the product to the public. This is a great option for a business offering products, but is also a good choice for a business launching a new service.

Demonstrating the Product Is Vital to Earning New Customers

A video is often the only way to ensure that a product is being introduced to the public in a very informative way. Often, a video is needed to introduce a product, because a less intimate marketing technique could leave the public uninformed about the product that is being launched. For example, a simple print ad of the new product does not do a lot to grab the attention of potential customers. However, a video displaying the various attributes of the new product can quickly convert potential customers into lifelong customers.

It’s Not Just About Selling

Training is another major feature of webinars that can improve the quality of a business. By showing training videos via webinars, new staff are better able to identify the goals of the company. This can result in a vast improvement to the overall business outcomes.

Whether your business is web-based or not, webinars can produce the type of results that many businesses aim for. By understanding the benefits, people are able to help the public understand the business, and this adds a friendly face to the company. The technique contains various attributes that will help put businesses into the driver’s seat, while securing new customers or clients at an extremely low cost.

Looking For Funding? How To Use Kickstarter


kickstarterCompleting a creative project can work wonders for a business, especially a business that is in its start-up phase and is still looking to garner support. However, making a creative project is an expensive endeavor – be it a video marketing campaign, a song, or a game. If your business is interested in undertaking a creative project and you know that you have some great ideas, Kickstarter can help you move your project from planning to completion.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter was launched in April 2009, and since it was launched, it has funded more than 35,000 creative projects. In the last four years, more than $450 million has been pledged over this website.

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform that helps businesses with their creative projects. Some of the creative projects that Kickstarter will help fund include: videos and films, music, art and music. In a nutshell, Kickstarter will help fulfill any ambitious or innovative project that is also creative. This fundraising method is ideal for start-up businesses looking for help with creative projects, or just for creative individuals who don’t have the money to fulfill their dream on their own.

How Does Funding and Backing Work?

All fundraising and financial backing is managed through the Kickstarter website. Individuals who decide to help fund a creative project might be people who know the creators directly and want to help, or they might just be fans interested in the idea and who want to see their project come to life. A great way to increase fundraising is to spread the word over Twitter, Facebook, and through personal blogs. Sometimes, using the press can help as well. A person who wants to help financially can help out as much or as little as they see fit.

Funding with Kickstarter is “all or nothing.” While most projects that receive full funding will see completion, the Kickstarter company will not punish a project that does not receive adequate funding. There is less risk than with competing companies, and no one is charged if the creative project fails. Only successful projects are charged the 5 percent fee.

Who Can Use Kickstarter?

Anyone who wants to use the site and who has a creative idea can use – and benefit from – Kickstarter. However, there are eligibility requirements to be met. Only USA and UK residents can use the site. An American, for example, must be older than 18, must be a US resident, must hold a US ID and must have a major credit card.

Kickstarter is a great way for creators to get a creative project funded, and it is relatively low-risk for the individuals doing the backing as well. Creators should be aware that all backing is public, and so any information they share is visible to the general public. Individuals who are providing financial backing need to realize that they will not receive refunds if a project fails. That being said, Kickstarter is a great way to complete a creative and innovative project, or to help someone else’s creative dream come true.Clicky

6 ‘Frugalpreneurship’ Tips To Help Control Small Business Costs


small business costsSmall business owners know the importance of controlling costs. You can run your business as efficiently as possible, and build your brand wisely, with these seven tips for saving money. Being frugal will help keep profits up and expenses down, so you and your business can succeed and grow.

Go Green and Go Paperless to Save More Money

Mailers and invoices sent through the post cost your business money. Save on postage whenever you can, and consider going paperless if possible. If your business does use traditional mail for marketing materials or product orders, get your mail out early in the morning. This will get your mail to its destination faster without the cost of an upgrade to priority or express delivery.

Staffing Solutions That Lead to Savings

Save on staffing with creative techniques like interns and virtual staff. Many university and college students receive class credits for internships in their area of study. Look toward your local youth to boost business during your busy season for less. Another great money saving solution is virtual staff. Virtual assistants and remote workers can cost you less, and do not require additional office space.

Utilize Energy-Saving Techniques to Reduce Monthly Bills

Energy-saving techniques do not just benefit the environment. Being power smart also saves money. Much of the power consumption today is actually wasted energy, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Using power strips is a great way to ensure you are not wasting energy when your electronics are powered off. Avoid power leakage by using power strips and turning electronics off this way. It is also wise to look at your bills as they come in, and see if there is any space for savings on telephone and other business-related bills.

Barter and Save on the Services You Need

All businesses need to spend on services. Whether it is manufacturing, design, marketing, or distribution, there could be room to save. Talk to your providers, and see if creative payment arrangements may be possible. Bartering is not dead, but it is somewhat of a lost art. You may have valuable products or services at your disposal that could save you on monetary costs. Negotiations can lead to savings, and you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Marketing and Promotions at a Lower Cost

Marketing doesn’t need to cost your business a fortune. The age of the Internet has connected consumers and businesses without high advertising costs. Take advantage of social media and other low-cost marketing techniques to save on marketing without suffering exposure. Contests and local community events are another great way to build your brand on a budget.

Shopping Smarter to Make Your Dollars Work Harder

Office furniture, supplies, and electronics are all business expenses. It is possible to save on these purchases in a variety of creative ways. Instead of shopping for office supplies once a week, buy in bulk once a month. Office furniture and electronics can be bargain shopped, found online, or bought at auction for a fraction of the cost of buying retail.

Owning your own company is both rewarding and challenging. Save yourself some stress, and increase your business’s cash flow with these tips for saving money. Controlling costs can be easy with creative techniques and frugal functionality. Find your inner penny pincher to push potential profits past expectation.