coworkingEnCoSpace founder Pete Carr recognized the growing need for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to have a facility where they can collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, and that home-based consultants and freelancers needed access to a more “official business address” to conduct meetings with clients besides meeting them at their local Starbucks.

To that end, he founded EnCoSpace to remove those barriers – and all without the expense of taking on a traditional long-term office space lease.

Co-working is a growing trend in major urban cities nationwide. What differentiates Carr’s model is that it incorporates “same fee” pricing regardless of whether a member is in New York, San Francisco or Boise, Idaho. As a result, the EnCoSpace model will broaden the appeal of coworking as an “everyman” concept, versus one that is only used by urban techies.

The EnCoSpace business model is based on affordable memberships and fees for access to open desktop space, private offices, and meeting and conference rooms on a daily, weekly and monthly membership fee structure. In addition, to fulfill on its “everyman” focus, EnCoSpace facilities will offer “on demand” pricing for one-half-day, daily, weekly and monthly use, without requiring the user to become a member.